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Here are the different steps involved for customer reviews.

1 - Customer receives an email after the order is placed.

2 - The link sends them to the site where they can review the site or the item(s) they have ordered.

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3 - If the review meets the editorial guidelines, it can be published. Otherwise, you can ask for moderation and it will send the following email:

The editorial guidelines is used to determine whether a review will be published. Otherwise, we will send a message to the customer asking him to modify it again.

The editorial guidelines is based on the following points:
  1. Recent orders (less than 90 days)
  2. Respectful remarks (no injuries, lawfully, not abusive)
  3. Direct ( no concurrence)
  4. Precise and sincere
  5. Confidential (no personal information)

All reviews which donít match with this editorial guidelines can be not published or will be excluded.

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