WebBlock - Page Editor


This new generation of pages allows you to create editorial content quickly and easily using the "drag-and-drop" function and easy text editing.

This function allows you to structure your pages intuitively.
 Setting up

Creating a simplified WebBlock is done from the [Galleries \ WebBlock Pages] menu, [Add] button .

There are two options :

- Custom page "WebBlock Editor Drag & Drop" which corresponds to the creation of a simplified WebBlock. You can customize a template page or create a page from scratch with this tool.
- Structured Webblock - Create or customize a new page from different templates. This is a method used to create form, newsletter, pages containing execution scripts, ....

If you used a template via the "Structured webBlock editor", future editions will have to be made on the same interface.

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The [Start] button provides access to the creation of the new webblock. The webblock editor presents the different elements that you can add.

General Concepts :

The page editor contains 3 areas:
  • The left column is used to select the type of item to add.

  • The central area in which you have to drag and drop the elements.

  • The right column (Properties) displays the properties of the selected element and allows its setting.
The different settings areas of the 2 columns can be deployed or reduced via the type icons .

The right and left columns can be hidden or displayed via the arrows at the top of the columns et .

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The horizontal menu allows you to undo an action, copy it, have a quick overview of the page without having to save it, save the changes or quit the editor.


When an element is placed in the central column, the pictogram allows to to access the properties of an element (according to the element), to copy it in order to be able to move it in another zone , delete it or duplicate it . Duplication is done simply by clicking on the icon and dragging the item to its destination area.

Deleting will need to be confirmed .

WebBlock - "Structure"
WebBlock - "Basic"

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