Shortcut and Editorial Blocks

 What are "Shortcut and Editorial Blocks?
The "Shortcut and Editorial Blocks" allow you to display a preformatted, vertical panel offering numerous possibilities in the right-hand side of your site. Note that the display of this panel remains optional and is only taken into account in the home page or in WebBlocks, when configured to include these blocks. The blocks making up the panel can be activated independently of one another and classified in the order of your choice.
 Shortcut Blocks
  • The [Your Account/Register] block is used to facilitate the identification of your visitor. This possibility not only gives the visitor rapid access to their account and order tracking, but will also allows them to take advantage of special prices, discounts and sales that they may be qualified for.
  • The [Search] block authorizes the search of a word or a group of words in your product catalog and gives direct access to the results in the search page. You can easily configure the search so that it is applied to the "Catalog (Window)" component (which does not allow online sales) or to the "Shopping Cart (Shop)" component (which authorizes online sales).
  • The [Newsletter] block organizes the rapid subscription and unsubscription of visitors to your newsletter.
 Editorial Block
The editorial block is a free, rich text zone that allows you to provide an additional flair to your site. This zone may include text, images, and separators, as well as links redirecting visitors to certain pages of your site.
There are many ways that you could put this zone to use:
  • Brief ads showcasing the latest news about your company.
  • Information about the marketing of new products (with direct links to the products).
  • Highlighting sale items (with direct links to the products).
  • Organization of a "Best Sellers" list (with direct links to the products).
  • Sweepstakes winners.
  • Etc.
 Set-Up and Implementation
The configuration of your Shortcut and Editorial Blocks takes place in the administration page accessible through the menu [Site/Shortcut and Editorial Blocks].
Once configured, you must either check the activation box in your simple home page (menu [Site/Simple Home Page]), or, if you use WebBlocks, specify that you want a "Display in the data area WITH shortcut blocks" in the "Layout" section of the WebBlock file properties. To access this file, go to the menu [Galleries/WebBlocks] and click on the icon allowing you to edit the properties of the WebBlock.
Implementing this function brings a professional appearance to your site and can be accomplished in just a few minutes.

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