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 Introduction to eBay

Introductory Note: The development of the Actinic-eBay interface is an ambitious program with a long-term perspective. It required a large investment from our technical department. We would appreciate it if you contact our technical support team if you run into any bugs or if you have any comments or remarks relevant to this project. Thank you for your participation.

Today, eBay is the largest global community of buyers and sellers on the Internet. eBay is a marketplace made up of private individuals as well as professionals where millions of transactions take place every day. Certain buyers only use eBay to find the products they're looking for on the Internet and thousands of professional sellers live solely off of the sales they make on eBay. For every e-merchant, eBay is an excellent opportunity to increase the visibility of their products.

Actinic has developed the necessary interfaces for publishing your products on eBay directly from your Actinic administration space in just a few clicks!

Why sell on eBay?
- To find new customers and new markets for your products.
- Because, despite all of your efforts to get the word out about your site and your products, there are always Internet shoppers who will never see what you have to offer because they only use eBay!
- Lastly, because you already have everything you need to do it (items, descriptions, photos, etc.) and Actinic provides you with a publication interface that is directly integrated into your site's administration space.

What to sell on eBay?
You can sell anything you want on eBay, but it's important to target the products you are going to publish and that can be found in these broad categories:
- New products at competitive prices.
- Discontinued or clearance items.
- Repackaged products.
- Products returned by customers.
- Perfectly useable products with mild defaults offered at slashed prices.
- One-of-a-kind collectors' items.

Don't forget that, as the manager of a merchant site, you need to focus on creating repeat business. For you, a marketplace isn't an opportunity to make a single sale, but to find a channel for attracting new customers. On eBay, you'll be accepting to earn a little less than if you sold the same item on your merchant site, but will have spent less in marketing, paying keywords, etc. Don't be tempted by one-shot opportunities. Concentrate on acquiring new customers and creating repeat business.
 How much does it cost to use the Actinic-eBay interface?

Note: Until further notice, there will be no additional fees for using this service. Actinic reserves the right to apply fees according to volume allowances, as is the case for all other site parameters (number of pages generated, number of products, etc.). Details concerning eBay volume allowances will be published within the next few months.
 What are the prerequisites for being able to publish items on eBay from Actinic?

To be able to sell on eBay, you have to have or create an eBay "Seller's" account.
For more information about creating a Seller's Account, go to the eBay site, especially the following page:

As for your products, the same rules apply as for your online shop: Publish quality photos and descriptions.
To sell on eBay, it is also recommended that you offer the PayPal payment method because it makes the purchasing act considerably easier for eBay users. PayPal and eBay are part of the same group and synergies have been developed between the two companies to simplify transactions.
To open a PayPal account, follow the instructions in the [Commerce\Payment Solutions\PayPal: All Banks] menu in your administration space.
 Does Actinic take a commission on the products I sell on eBay?

NO! Always true to our partner policy, Actinic takes no commission on the listings published on eBay. The price displayed for the listing in your Actinic administration space before publication is identical to the price that will be displayed on the eBay site for the same listing.
 How is the price of an eBay listing defined?

The price on an eBay listing is made up of a base price (which depends on the selling price of the item) and a multitude of options that would be too long to describe here. Most of these options are designed to highlight the product on the eBay site with graphic elements or directly in the results of the eBay search. From time to time, some of these paying options may also be proposed by eBay at no extra cost during promotional offers.
In addition to these potential fees, eBay also takes a commission proportional to the final price of the sale.

We highly recommend consulting the eBay site for more information about eBay fees:
 How do I publish a listing on eBay from my Actinic site?

Go to the administration space of your items. For each item, you will see an icon to the right allowing you to access the marketplace selection interface.
Click on the icon and follow the instructions. Read all of the information provided.

For your first sale, you are going to go through an authentication procedure where you have to authorise Actinic to publish products on eBay in your name. If you don't have an eBay account, you can create it during this procedure. We highly recommend registering as a business if you perform your activity in this context (this will provide you with tax advantages, among other things). If you are already a member of the eBay community, all you have to do is sign in.

Once you are signed in, you will come back to your Actinic administration space to complete the properties required for publishing listings on eBay.
You will finish the process in the Actinic eBay wizard that will allow you to configure the properties of your listing. At the end of this wizard, you will be able to check the coherency of your listing and see the publishing price. If you agree to the price, you can publish your listing on eBay.
Pay particular attention to the title of your listings. When users type in keywords to search for items, the search results are based on the titles of the listings.

Once the listing is published, you will be redirected to the administration page dedicated to listings published on eBay. This page will allow you to track your bids every day directly from your Actinic site!
Thereafter, you can easily list an item without going through the authentication procedure. From the administration page dedicated to listings published on eBay, you can also very easily relist a product in just a few clicks.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once your listing is published on eBay, you can't backtrack. With eBay, there is no way to cancel the publication of your listing or to get reimbursed for your listing fees. You can only "End" the listing, i.e. remove the listing from eBay. Therefore, make sure you pay close attention when checking the details of your listing before confirming the publication.
 I published a listing on eBay and I just realized that there's a mistake in the description of the published item. How can I correct the mistake?

Once your listing is published, you can't modify it from your Actinic site. However, you can go directly to the eBay site and access your account to modify the listing. This can be somewhat problematic if you used a design template because your description will be wrapped in HTML code. However, by searching for the terms that need to be corrected, you should be able to modify them without much difficulty.
As a reminder, it is essential to systematically check the quality of the listing before confirming publication.
 I published a listing on eBay and I just realized that I made a mistake and used the wrong product. How can I cancel the publication and not be billed?

Once your listing is published, you can't cancel it or backtrack like you can with text in the Actinic system. You have already been billed by eBay and won't be reimbursed. However, you can [End the Sale], i.e. remove the listing from the eBay site.
You can do this from the administration space of your Actinic site using the listing management page in the [Commerce\eBay Marketplace] menu. Find the corresponding listing and click on the icon allowing you to end the sale. You will be asked to give a reason.
 I put a product up for sale on eBay and I just sold it on my Actinic site. How can I stop the sale of this product on eBay?

You can do this from the administration space of your Actinic site using the listing management page in the [Commerce\eBay Marketplace] menu. Find the listing corresponding to your product and click on the icon allowing you to end the sale. You will be asked to give a reason. Simply indicate that the item is no longer available.
 What is a design template? What is it used for?

When you publish a product on eBay, it has to be completely disconnected from your site. For example, you can't redirect eBay users to your site to read your terms and conditions. Your eBay listing has to be 100% independent from, and never contain references to your site. To avoid recopying your entire terms and conditions in the description of every item you publish, Actinic developed templates allowing you to automatically integrate your terms and conditions and highlight your items (automatic framing, attractive layout).
 How can I publish my terms and conditions with my listings?

Actinic developed design templates that allow you to easily enhance your items and, at the same time, publish your terms and conditions, shipping policy, contact information, etc.
To configure this information, go to the administration page in the [Commerce\eBay Marketplace] menu and click on the main "Component Properties" tab. Click on the [Modify] button and configure the data in the design template.
You can configure 5 sections (Title + Content) and a main header.
It is recommended to put the titles in capital letters.
Case in point:

Menu 1: WHO ARE WE? (+ complete content 1 to answer this question.)
Menu 2: TRACK YOUR ORDER (+ complete content 2 by indicating order tracking details.)
Menu 3: CONTACT US (+ complete content 3 with your contact information.)

Recommendation: Be as specific and concise as possible. Don't publish 10 pages of your terms and conditions, which is of little interest and can scare off buyers. And especially, do NOT publish a link to your website because this is strictly prohibited by eBay!
 Can I easily publish a listing for a similar product?

Yes! You can do this very easily using the eBay listing management page in your administration space. Find the listing that you've already published and click on the icon completely to the right allowing you to relist a similar item. Because all of the properties of the listing are already defined, you are going to be brought to the last step of the eBay publishing wizard allowing you to check the coherency and price of the listing on eBay. Note that just because you are brought to the last page of the wizard doesn't mean you can't go back and change certain properties!
 A Few Tips for Selling Effectively on eBay

Create an attractive listing:

To create an attractive listing, you need to put yourself in the buyer's place and indicate what would convince them to buy your object:
  • A precise and catchy title: Think about the keywords a buyer is going to type in to find your object in the search engine.
  • A complete description: It must indicate all characteristics and include all possible defects to avoid subsequent questions.
  • A photo: This is an important element in the buyer's decision.
  • Shipping fees: Indicate your shipping fees for the UK or for export so that the buyer is fully aware of these fees before bidding.
Community / Ratings:

eBay is a community-based site. Sellers are assessed according to their ratings. Pay particular attention to this rating. A good feedback profile is your leading marketing argument and will allow you to develop your sales.
Tips for good ratings:
  • Make sure your listings are as detailed as possible.
  • Reply to questions asked by users.
  • Keep your customers informed about the delivery of their product (you can give them a tracking number, for example).

Sign up for direct debit to simplify the payment of your eBay fees.

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