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Price comparison sites allow shoppers to easily find and compare the products they're looking for. These sites are a great way to find qualified prospects.

Actinic allows shop owners to export their product catalog to these price comparison sites directly from their admin console.

All you have to do is activate the export files for your catalog for the different available price comparison sites, such as Kelkoo, Twenga, Pricesavvy, Google Product Search and much more.

There are several different types of exports:

1/ Export to price comparison sites.
These exports are preformatted and comply with the criteria imposed by the different services. Once the export has been generated, it is automatically updated every night. However, you can modify your export at any time.

2/ Manual exports:
a) The generic Actinic export allows you to define the items you want to export for external use (unlisted price comparison sites, etc.).
b) The Actinic DataPlug export allows you to export the catalog in a format that can be directly used with the Actinic DataPlug application.

- Click on the menu: Marketing \ SmartFeeds

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The first thing you need to do is register with the price comparison sites you want to activate.
Click on the button and then on the button for the desired service.

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 Exports to Price Comparison Sites
The export file will only be built if the following conditions are met:

  • Your site must be open to the public.
  • Your site must have a domain name.
  • You must enter your payment properties.
  • Your prices must be greater than 0.

  • Once all these conditions have been met, you can start exporting your items.

    Products containing WebBlock descriptions are systematically excluded from the export. Therefore, make sure that you export the item description that you do not use WebBlocks for.

    Each price comparison site imposes certain criteria for export. You will see these criteria when you activate each export.

    Click on to configure the export.

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    Click on to build the export file. You can refine your selection using the available filters (categories, stock, etc.)

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    Once the export file has been built, you can provide the price comparison site with the URL of your file. The export file is updated every night and you will be notified by email of this update.

     Campaign Tracking
    A campaign is automatically created and associated to each export. You can track this campaign and access all associated statistics by clicking on the button.

    General Statistics
    Only campaigns that generate at least one visit will be listed. They will be ordered by the number of visits received. The first campaign displayed will be the one that has generated the most traffic during the specified period. If no selection filters have been defined, all campaigns will be displayed.

    IMPORTANT: Statistics are generated and stored for two months. After two months, the data is deleted automatically. Therefore, you need to use the "Build an Analysis File" feature on a regular basis to retrieve all data and store it on your computer. These files can be manipulated in an Excel spreadsheet for further analysis.

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     Generic Catalog Exports
    This export allows you to define the items you want to export for external use (unlisted price comparison sites, etc.) This export file needs to be manually built. You will also need to associate it to a campaign if you want to have statistics about this export.

    Click on the button. Define the properties of this export and then go to the "Field Mapping" tab.

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    Select the fields you want to export. You can also rename them for the export file.

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    You can also refine your export using the different available filters: categories, stock level, etc.

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    Once your file has been configured, click on and then on to build the file.

    The file is built within an hour. During this time, the status of this export will be "In Progress" in the export dashboard.

    You can access the URL of the file by clicking on

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     Exports to the DataPlug
    The DataPlug export allows you to export your catalog in a format that can be directly used with the DataPlug.

    Add your manual DataPlug export. The process is the same as for the generic export. The file will be generated to meet the requirements of the DataPlug.


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