Audit Report


The audit report is a statistical analysis of your site's data.

There are multiple objectives to this functionality:
  • Help you determine the quality and completeness of your site.
  • Point out the functionalities or elements that are under-used or haven't yet been implemented.
  • Get an overview of the state of your catalog and the possibilities for configuring your items.
  • Help those of you starting out to have an overview of your work and progression.
This audit report in no way makes any judgments about the quality of your site's content. It is impossible to make this kind of judgment based solely on these statistics. However, even if the report is quantitative and not qualitative, it can bring to light certain key points, such as: a small proportion of items using images, an average description length for your products that is too short, etc. The audit report is going to provide you with points that you should verify concerning your catalog, activity and customer target.

For example, an E-Commerce site with few images isn't necessarily negative, especially when offering a choice of items basely solely on standardized codes, if the buyer knows exactly what they are ordering. This is the case with numerous B2B sites. Therefore, it is necessary to put this quantitative analysis into perspective in regards to your activity.

Without any special request from you, a report is automatically generated and sent by email about every 2 months.

You can also request an audit report in your site's administration space via the [Site \ Audit Report] menu. You are limited to one request per day.

Requesting an audit report is free of charge and your site's data will not be altered in any way by this operation. The report will be generated 5 to 10 minutes after your request has been received.

Indicate the email address where you would like to receive the report in the "Send Email To" field, define the language to be analyzed and confirm your request.

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