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  Objectif : add images to items

An item is generally associated to two images: A small image, called a "thumbnail", and a larger image known as the "main image" or “detail image”.

To sell on the internet, it is very important that customers have different angle views for your items. Actinic allows you to define additional images for items.

The following links show you an exemple of items using additonnal images:

Click on image to enlarge

The idea behind additional images is to define groups of 3 "identical" images, in 3 different dimensions, in your item files. This way, the user clicks on the thumbnail image (or hovers over it, depending on the configuration) and sees the main image. By hovering over the main image, the user then sees the large image, thanks to our "zoom" feature.

You can add up to 10 groups of additional images (30 images) to your items.

See the following example of additional images in the backoffice:

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The basic concept stays the same and it is always highly recommended to include at least 2 images, thumbnail and main, to your items. Likewise, for items with options, it is always a good idea to define an image for each option.

It is important to note that if you define additional images, they override the main images and option images in the item file.

Additional images are added as "groups of images", because it is necessary to import each image in at least 2 different dimensions:
  • A Main Image that will be displayed in the item file (and will override the main image configured in the item properties). We recommend using an image with width dimensions (or height, for a "portrait" image) between 250 and 400 pixels.

  • A Large Image (Zoom) that will be displayed when the visitor hovers over the main image. For this zoom to be meaningful, this image should be 2 to 4 times larger in dimension than your main image.
By defining at least 2 groups of images for an item, the thumbnail images will be displayed under the main image of your item. These thumbnails are automatically generated from the main image. However, it is recommended to define a thumbnail image (with reduced dimensions) as well, for each image group in order to reduce the time it takes to load the page displaying your item.


Additional images can be added with our inbuilt drag and drop feature.
We recommend using an image with width dimensions of 600px and above.
You can create and add 3 images using one image file.

Select the [Commerce\Items (Products-Services)], "View Properties" icon on your item, "Image(s)" Tab, [Create new list] Button, [Add] Button. You then drag and drop the image into the space provided.

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The interface proposes then to customise 3 images. By clicking , the system will create 3 images with the standard image sizes for main, thumbnail and zoom. All images can be individually setup and customized with name, category, suffix. This is done using the different tabs available by using tabs.

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Don’t forget to save changes.
 Additional Image Properties

By using the [Layout Properties] button, you can modify the display dimensions of your images. Leave these fields blank if your images are already properly dimensioned. They will be displayed in their original dimensions.

Additional images are only available in the item files. It is not possible to use this functionality in a WebBlock.

 Frequently Asked Questions

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