Catalog (Brochure)


The Catalog (Brochure) component allows you to display your Items (Products-Services) without offering them for sale.

 Difference Between the Shopping Cart (Shop) and Catalog (Brochure) Components
  • The function of the Catalog (Brochure) component is to present your products without offering the possibility to purchase them online.

  • The Shopping Cart (Shop) component is intended for E-Commerce sites and allows visitors to purchase your products online.
 Configuring the Catalog

As with the Shopping Cart (Shop) component, you are able to define the layout you would like for your categories and elements. You will find the same tabs in the Catalog (Brochure) component as in the Shopping Cart (Shop) component. You can refer to the following help topic about the Shopping Cart (Shop) for more details about the available tabs:
  • Element Editing
  • Element Classification
  • Element Layout
  • Component Properties
  • Component Text
  • Category Classification
  • Category Layout
These pages are completely separate for the two components. Therefore, you can define a different layout for your items and categories when displaying the Catalog (Brochure) and the Shopping Cart (Shop) components.

 Not Displaying Prices

If desired, you can decide not to display prices in your item catalog. This is particularly useful in certain situations, such as:
  • Selling services requiring a quote. You can present your know-how and services.
  • Presenting a catalog to the general public without direct-sales to the end customer. This is useful if only other retailers or distributors sell your products.
 System for Tracking Visitor Wish List

A prospect collection and visitor wish list tracking system can be set up easily with the Catalog (Brochure) component.

Similar to the system used to add items to a shopping cart, your visitor checks the items that interest them. After they've finished, the system collects their contact information (in particular, their email). You receive an email with the list of items that interest the visitor. The visitor receives a thank you email summarizing their wish list and indicating how you will follow up with them and provide them with answers to their search.

Their email address is automatically added to the user base. The user is assigned to a category defined in the component properties (by default, the "Prospects" category).

It is then up to you to contact them by phone, answer them with a detailed email, pass their contact information on to one of your distributors, etc.

 Display of Items with Null Prices

Unlike the Shopping Cart (Shop) component where this behavior must be configured, the Catalog (Brochure) component displays items with null prices (£0). Nevertheless, even if the price display is activated in this component, the price will not be indicated in the product list.


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