Brand management allows you to improve the appeal and organization of your item catalog.
 Brand Management

Actinic already offers very complete category management possibilities. The possibility to manage brands as well has been added to the Actinic system. You can now mix categories and brands to offer your visitors more browsing possibilities in your item catalog.

Below are several possibilities associated to brand management:

• Define specific properties for each brand: image, description, etc.
• Create a brand display page showcasing these properties.
• Define navigation behaviors that open the catalog to a specific brand or category+brand combination!
• Put items belonging to a certain brand on special offer. You can even combine brands and categories to put all Brand X Lamps on special offer, for example!
• Search the catalog by brand.
• Perform a batch processing operation to quickly associate certain items to a specific brand.

Brand management can be accessed directly from your administration home page via the "Manage your item brands" hyperlink, or via the [Commerce\Brands] menu.

Do I have to use brand management?

No. This feature is optional. However, if your items are associated to brands, we highly recommend it. Another important point is that brands can be used for alternative reasons. For example, if you sell paintings, brand management can be used to classify the painters (Picasso, Van Gogh, etc.) and you can use category management to separate the types of paintings (still-life, scenery, portrait, etc.), for example.

How can I set up brands quickly for my items and on my site?

First, create your list of brands and use batch processing to associate them to your items quickly! Then activate brand management ("Element Layout" tab in the [Commerce\Brands] menu) by selecting a brand filter from the drop-down list (the default being no filter) and selecting your preferred layout for the brand display page or create menus or links in your site that open the brand display page.

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