WebBlocks, Properties

Each WebBlock's properties can be accessed by clicking the View Propertiesicon in the [Galleries\WebBlocks] menu.
They let you define the "container", in other words, the general information about your WebBlock and it's behaviour in your site.

N.B : The settings defined in a WebBlock's properties are not applied if this WebBlock is used within a component element (editorial block, Item description, etc.).

 WebBlock Name and Title
The Name is only used in the admin console of your site, it's never seen by your visitors.

The Title refers to the HTML "Title" tag: the page title displayed in the browser title bar or page tab. By default this title is also displayed on the site page, but this behaviour can be modified by checking the box just underneath this field. Don't neglect this title as it's very important for your site ranking.

If this field is empty, the system will use the information from the [Marketing\SEO Properties] menu.

A WebBlock's default setting is to display in a site page data area. You can however display a WebBlock full page. In this case your site's menus, header logo, etc. will not be displayed and the WebBlock will be the sole element in the page.

The Layout drop-down menu also allows you to define one of your predefined custom WebBlock layouts (with or without editorial block, shortcut blocks, which ones, etc.). For more information see the help topic on Layout.

When a WebBlock is used as a full web page on your site, we advise against subsequently deleting this WebBlock. Even if there is no navigation link to this page, it's better to redirect from that WebBlock to your new one. That way, customers who may have bookmarked this page, search engines who've indexed it, etc. will be automatically and transparently redirected to the new WebBlock.

Actinic lets you organise and classify your WebBlocks in categories with up to 5 levels of sub categories. These categories are not visible to your visitors.

 SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
It's possible to fill out the "Description" and "Keywords" meta tags for each of your WebBlocks. If these fields are left empty, the system will use the information given in the [Marketing \ SEO Properties] menu.

 Form Properties
You can define a specific email address for each form sending data by email. If this field is left empty, the information entered into the form will be sent to your site's default email address.

The thank you message (displayed after form submission), can contain text, HTML code (up to 4,000 characters) or display another WebBlock. It's also possible to save all data sent by the form.

Data is saved to a file that you can consult in HTML format or automatically retrieve in XML format which can be used to update spreadsheet files like MS Excel.

 Execution Script
Here you can enter a script, programmed in VB Script, that will be executed upon submission of a "submit and run an execution script" type form. You'll find more information on this type of form in the help topic: WebBlocks, Execution Scripts .

 Element Visibility and Work Progress
As with the other Actinic components, you can protect access to your WebBlocks, insuring that only the users you choose can access these pages.

However the notion of "Element Visibility and Work Progres" (Element complete/Element incomplete), does not affect the display of WebBlocks in your site. A WebBlock will be visible no matter which progress state is chosen. To hide a WebBlock in your site, just make sure that no navigation elements link to it.

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