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Insertion blocks in item files allow you to add script (Javascript, HTML code, etc.) that will be applied to all the "Details" pages of your items/services. These blocks are directly inserted after the item description.


You can customize the insertion blocks for your item files by clicking on the [Commerce/Shopping Cart (Shop)] menu, then on the "Component Properties" tab.

Each block is limited to 2000 characters. There is a separate block for each language.

The following tags will be dynamically replaced in each file:

#OXPDTNAME#: Item name.
#OXPDTNAMEENCODED#: Item encoded name.
#OXPDTCODE#: Item code.
#OXPDTURL#: Item URL (not encoded).
#OXPDTIMG#: URL to the main item image (or the option image if an option with an image is selected).

In the encoded variables, special characters (; / ? : , etc. ) are rendered compatible with web use in a URL. If you use script provided by a social network, you should use the encoded versions in most cases.

Here is a test insertion point to insert in the item file that will allow you to view all of these values:
DO NOT USE THIS CODE ON YOUR Actinic SITE! This is only for testing these values.

 Case in Point: Inserting Share Buttons for Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

This block is especially adapted for inserting this type of script.

Below is a ready-to-use script displaying Facebook, Twitter and Facebook's "LIKE" button that you can copy/paste in your block:


 Go Even Further with Network Sharing (Expert Mode)

If you would like to completely customize your share buttons or propose more services, we recommend consulting the following FAQ:

How can I integrate social networks into my item files?

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