Creating Options


If you want to propose several variations of an Item, you can do so by creating Options.

Before doing so, we recommend first consulting the following help topic: Options - Basic Concepts

 Option Creation Wizard

You can only create Options from an existing Item by clicking on the [Edit Options] icon to the right of the item in the list. This will launch the option creation wizard:

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If no options have been created for the item, the icon is greyed out.

This wizard allows you to generate options using characteristics defined by Option Types. You can use up to 3 Option Types made up of several Values.

The use of Option Types is described in detail in the following help topic: Options - Option Types

Each Option Type is made up of a selection of several Values. For example:
  • Color : black, white, red, blue
  • Size : S, M, L, XL
  • Neck: boat neck, v-neck

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The option creation wizard combines the Option Type Values to generate the Options of a Parent. In our previous example, it would create:

- black, boat neck, S t-shirt
- black, v-neck, S t-shirt
- black, boat neck, M t-shirt
- etc.
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In this example, the system would produce a total of 4x4x2 = 32 product variations in the following form: 32 Options grouped together under 1 Parent.

A Parent cannot have more than 200 Options total. This could correspond to:
  • 1 Parent created with 1 Option Type including 200 Values
  • 1 Parent created with 3 Option Types, the first with 5 Values, the second with 4 values and the third with 8 values.
The Option Type Values are associated to a Code. When Options are created, the Option Type Codes are concatenated with the item code.

Example for an item whose code is ABCD:
  1. You create 2 Option Types:

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  2. The Options are created and the codes of the 2 Option Types are concatenated with the item code:

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 Creating Options using Item Types

Item Types are proposed by the option creation wizard.

Item Types are groups of pre-selected Option Types: A "shortcut" allowing you to save time when creating a Parent.

  • If several of your Parents are made up of Options with the same colors, you would choose the same Option Type when creating each Parent.

  • If several of your Parents are made up of Options with identical colors AND sizes, choosing an Item Type allows you to automatically select the 2 corresponding Option Types simultaneously.
 Creation Procedure

By clicking on the [Finish (Create and Save Options)] button, the Item becomes a Parent and the different values of all the Option Types are combined to generate all of the Options, with a limit of 200 combinations.

When the Item is changed to a Parent, its properties are conserved and the Options inherit the properties of the original item:
  • Properties in the item file
  • Additional images
  • Cross-selling and up-selling definitions
  • Attributes
See the "Inheritance" section of the following help topic: Options - Basic Concepts

 Default Option

When Options are created, one is chosen by the system as the Default Option.

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The default option is your item's "main model", i.e. the one that will be used to present the product in its associated category in your front office. This default option can be easily modified by clicking on the icon to the left of the desired option.

The Actinic system also manages the case where your default Option is out of stock. If you have indicated that the system should hide the product if it is out of stock, then the entire product would be invisible and inaccessible in your site. But don't worry, that won't happen. If the default Option isn't available, the system will select another Option so that the other variations of your product will still be displayed for sale.


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