Duplicating Options


Actinic allows you to duplicate a Parent along with all of its Options and their properties. This will allow you to save precious time when creating a product that shares characteristics with another product that is already present in your catalog.

Duplicating Parents is especially useful when you want to propose a product in several different languages. For this reason, Actinic allows you to perform linked duplication where the Parent's Options have a shared inventory. The goal here is that when an Option is sold in one of the languages, its stock level is updated in the other language versions of the product. You can find more information on this topic in the following FAQ: How do I create items in several languages?

 Linking Modes

You will choose the linking mode when you duplicate a Parent. Once this choice has been made, it is no longer possible to change this decision.

You will be reminded of the implications of your choice via a warning message at the time of duplication:

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  • Unlinked Duplication of a Parent and its Options

    The new Parent and its Options are completely independent from the original product. You can add, modify or delete the Options of the copy without impacting the original product, and vice versa.

  • Linked Duplication of a Parent and its Options

    The two Parents (original and copy), as well as their Options, are linked. The link between the Options allows you to synchronize the stock level and ensure up-to-date inventory for the same Option sold in several different languages.

    For example, if you sell a product in English that has two Options (Yellow and Blue), once the Parent is duplicated, you are free to translate the Options. The Yellow Option will then be intimately linked to the Jaune Option in the French version of your site and they will share the same stock.

    A Parent can be duplicated up to 6 times in linked mode.

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