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Actinic allows you to define different page layouts for your product variants, allowing you to highlight the different products you offer in the best possible way. You can define a different layout for each Parent that will be applied to all of the Parent's Options.

You can access layout configuration in the Option List ([Edit Options] icon), via the “Element Layout” tab.

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 Different Available Layouts
  • Drop-Down Lists

    Options are displayed in independent drop-down lists. This layout is recommended if you have a large number of Options. However, the drawback is that it does not immediately indicate all available Options. The visitor must browse through the drop-down lists to view the product variants, see their prices and see if they are in stock.

    This is the default layout.

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    Note that the order of each drop-down list is defined in the Option Type. See help topic - Option Types

  • Table

    Options are displayed in table form. This layout allows you to directly display all available Options, as well as their prices. The visitor can instantly see which Options are available for the product.

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  • Image Matrix

    The images associated to the Options are displayed in successive rows of thumbnail images. To use this layout, you must associate images to your Options.

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    Additional properties allow you to customize the matrix and the image dimensions. Note that a width of “0” allows you to conserve the original format of your Option images.

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 Layout of Linked Parents

When Parents are linked, their Options share the same layout. If you modify a product's layout, it will be applied to any linked products.

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