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Editing a Parent allows you to modify Options in a global manner, as well as any linked Parents and Options. This modification is "intelligent" because it only takes place in the Option if it was not previously modified individually, for example.

However, sometimes more "radical" global modifications are necessary. For example, you have separately modified Price 1 for each of a Parent's Options and now you want all of their prices to be the same.

Likewise, you may want to perform a similar modification on several Options in your site that have no link between them. For example, you sell paint and you notice that all of your 1 liter cans weigh 2.5 kg, and not 2 kg. Batch processing will allow you to correct the problem while minimizing the operations you need to perform.

In both of these cases, batch processing would be the ideal solution.

 Batch Processing Options

To Batch Process Options, the "Show options" box must be checked in the item list.

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You can also access this mode by clicking on a Parent's funnel icon displaying the Parent's Options.

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Whichever mode you choose, the system allows you to cross filter your Option Types (Option1, Option2, Option3). This filter will allow you to search for all your "blue" items, for example, no matter which Option Type these criteria were defined in.

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Batch processing for your Options is then identical to batch processing for your Items.

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More information is available in the following help topic: How do I modify several items simultaneously?

 Batch Processing Parents

In the "standard" display mode of your item list, batch processing is possible for Items as well as Parents.

When performing a batch processing procedure involving a Parent, the modification is applied to all Options without exception. All rules of inheritance that apply when modifying a Parent in linked mode will be ignored with batch processing.

 Stock Management for Linked Products

When batch processing Options, stock updates are authorized. The stock level of each Option modified in the batch processing operation is passed on to any linked Options.

When batch processing Parents, stock updates are not authorized.

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