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Improve your visibility with Google Shopping!

Display of Google shopping ads depend on the creation of Adwords ads of the "product listing" type. Google Shopping, the shopping guide created by Google, is available in the UK. Google Shopping helps you to find products they wish to purchase online. We advise you to use it to increase the visibility of your items and generate additional traffic on your website! In order to allow you to yse this service, Actinic has developed a specific export that is easy to implement.
Every marketplace has its own exigences in terms of export format. The item fields from the following list are MANDATORY:

- Your prices have to be greater that zero.
- Your descriptions must not be WebBlocks.
- The item conditions (new, used...) must be filled.
- Your products must be associated to a category.
- A brand must be filled on every item.
- SSL certificate must be activated on your domain.
- A delivery method must be configured in your Google Merchant Center.

/!\ Specific case with textile: clothes and fashion accessories.

Google has added new rules concerning item categories. It is now mandatory to export the following data:
- Size
- Colour
- Age group
- Gender : Man, Woman, Unisex

Here is a recap of the different age groups proposed by Google.
  • Newborn > Up to 3 months old
  • Infant > Between 3-12 months old
  • Toddler > Between 1-5 years old
  • Kids > Between 5-13 years old
  • Adult > Typically teenagers or older

If you use options to handle sizes/colours, the Actinic solution has created option types that are necessary to this link. If you have only created simple items (no options), you will have to add those characteristics besides the ones about gender and age group. In order to do so, you have three possibilities that are explained below.

 Activate and configure the export for Google Shopping.

In your Actinic website back-office, activate and configure the export for Google Shopping from the [Marketing \ Smartfeeds] menu, then click on "Add an Export". Then add the Google shopping export.

Sub-tab "Main"

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Sub-tab “additional”

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Important: after activation, the file will be automatically generated every night between 10pm and midnight. The first file will only be available the morning after your activation request.

The export's URL will be available from the [Marketing \ SmartFeeds] menu, view properties icon. This URL will be the one you will have to give to Google.

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 Access the "Google Merchant Center"

Once the file has been generated, click on the following link to access the Google Merchant Center
Click on “Sign up”.

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In order to sign up, fill in the required information.

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Accept terms and conditions.

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Enter your website's URL, and verify it. In order to do so, choose "Other methods", then "HTML tag".

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Go to your Actinic Back-Office, then [Site \ Properties by language].

Copy the tag and paste it in your HTML header.

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In the Merchant Center, click on "Products" in the vertical menu, and then on "Feeds" in the second vertical menu.

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Click on the "+" icon to add a new flux.

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Fill in the required information, and click on "Continue".

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Select "Scheduled Fetch" and click "Continue".

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Fill in the required information, and paste the your Smartfeed's URL (from your Actinic Back-Office) in the "File URL" field. Click on "Save".

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Your file will be processed by Google during the next 48 hours.

 Add characteristics on your items

Addition of characteristics can be made via [ Commerce > Items ] Edit characteristics icon.

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The help is accessible from the following link : Facets - Link characteristics to items

 Batch processing of characteristics

We advise you to use the filters of the solution in order to filter similar items. For example by category:

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You can also filter items from their names, product codes or some element from their description:

The following help pages show how to use this feature: Les aides suivantes détaillent l'utilisation de ces fonctionnalités.

View Management

How do I modify several items simultaneously?

 Add characteristics via DataPlug

In that case, we advise you to generate an export of your items from "Marketing > SmartFeeds", "Add an export, DataPlug export".
The generated file can be modified to be used with the DataPlug. We advise to keep only columns you wish to update and test on a small number of items before working on your whole catalog.

Advise: Every characteristic will be contained in the same cell. In order to help the creation of the content of this cell, we advise you to create a table with several columns that will be concatenated thanks to Excel's features.

The content of the blue column will be sent. The yellow ones won't be imported into the website. They are only useful for the creation of this characteristics column. We also advise you use Excel's drop-down menus in order to avoid typing errors that would cause a new characteristic value to be created.
 Linking categories

Once the settings have been configured, we advise you to click on [ Marketing \ SmartFeeds] , "Configure Google Shopping" "Start". You can then access the vertical menu "Linking Categories".
This link is made by drag-and-dropping the Actinic category into the corresponding Google category. A research field will help you selecting the right elements.

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 Linking characteristics

The association of characteristics is made via the vertical menu "Linking characteristics".

We advise you to only link characteristic types and not their value for sizes and colours.

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For age groupes and genders, you will have to associate every value.

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