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In order to address the need to manage increasingly large catalogues through the DataPlug, a new version of the data management system is now available. It is particularly pertinent for retailer using connectors with Commercial Management systems and/or involved in B2B exchanges.
This optional DataPlug update will allow you to replace the current system based on MS-SQL CE (Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition 3.5) by MS-SQL Server LocalDB (Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Express Local DB Edition). This data management system performs better and overcomes the MS-SQL CE limitations for large volumes of data. However, it is only compatible with Windows Vista and later versions. Windows XP users will continue to use the MS-SQL CE system. Installing the new data management system and migrating data in the DataPlug will carried out by an automatic migration tool called the “LocalDB Migration Tool” throughout this guide.


The data management system update is only compatible with DataPlug (from version 5.0), running on the latest versions of Windows, from Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, etc

-You must have the latest version of Dataplug ( from 5.0 version).
-It is highly recommended to backup the Dataplug database - “Tools - Dataplug Database - Save”.
-You must make sure Dataplug isn’t running - Site - Quit . It can’t be executed from the task bar.

 Download the LocalDB migration Tool

The installation needs to be done on a Windows operating system.

Download the LocalDb migration tool.

After having downloaded the tools from the Actinic site, you need to run the tool in Admin mode : Right click on the “tool” Tab - “Execute as Administrator” Menu.

 Download the LocalDB migration Tool Documentation

The documentation requires a PDF reader. This is downloadable from the following link :

Download the Dataplug LocalDB connector documentation.


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