DataPlug - Basic Concepts

Oxatis DataPlug is an application that allows you to upload data (items, images and users) to an Actinic site and retrieve data (orders) as well. Oxatis DataPlug meets a simple need: Update one or several Actinic sites from a (.csv) or Excel (.xls, .xlsx) file.
 When updating a site, the application provides 3 main functions:
  • Import Data:

    This process involves importing Image files and Item and User data to the Oxatis DataPlug database.
    Important: At this stage, your Actinic site is not impacted in any way.
  • View Data:

    This feature allows you to view the imported data.
  • Upload Data:

    This process involves uploading the Oxatis DataPlug data to your Actinic site.
    At this stage, your site's data is impacted. You must pay particular attention to the data you upload. There is no way to cancel your changes once the data has been uploaded!

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See following help topics for more information:

DataPlug - Images
DataPlug - Items
DataPlug - Users
DataPlug - Orders
DataPlug - Options

 Terms of Use
You must accept the terms of use before downloading and using the Oxatis DataPlug application.
Under no circumstances can Actinic be held liable for site modifications related to the misuse or poor configuration of Oxatis DataPlug. You remain solely responsible for all consequences resulting from misuse of this application.

Excessive or improper use of Oxatis DataPlug may also impact your billing. For more information, see the "Volume Allowances and Pricing" section below.

 Multiple Sites
You can manage several Actinic sites using the Oxatis DataPlug application. Each time you add a new Actinic site, you must log in to be recognized by the system. You can then switch between sites via the [Site / Choose active site] menu. Each Actinic site has its own database in the DataPlug.

 Volume Allowances and Pricing
According to the subscription package chosen, volume allowances and disk space will be different.
Check our pricing plans here:

Pricing Plans

In any case, if you add images that are too large to your site, your pages will display slower and your subscription fee could be raised. Contact our sales team at 0845 129 4800 for questions regrading billing.

Your subscription includes a number of viewed pages per month. Each DataPlug call uses up 4 viewed pages . Therefore, each image sent, item update or user account upload counts as 4 viewed pages . Beyond the number of viewed pages per month in your subscription, you will be billed an additional fee (only for the months where the surplus occurred).

If you want to avoid exceeding these quotas, make sure you take these parameters into account and use Oxatis DataPlug wisely.

You can download this application directly :


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