DataPlug - General Configuration - Tools Menu

The Tools menu allows you to access the available options for Oxatis DataPlug.

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  • Select a different working language via the [Tools\Language] menu

  • Settings

    • General Tab
      If you check the box “Analyze image directories when I launch DataPlug, each time you start up Oxatis DataPlug, the application will analyze the main image directory and will indicate if there have been any modifications.

    • Main Image Directory Tab
      This tab allows you to select the source directory of images on your computer. The contents of this folder will be uploaded to your Actinic image gallery. You can also define what image formats the application can import.

    • Resizing Tab
      This tab allows you to automatically generate several different sized images from a single image and add a suffix to the image name to distinguish between the generated images.

      This feature is described in detail in the following help topic: DataPlug - Additional Images

    • Output Settings Tab
      This tab allows you to configure the output format for your images (minimum and maximum resolution, maximum file size, etc.).

      You can also convert image files from GIF, BMP and PNG format to JPG. This feature is described in detail in the following FAQ: How do I configure my image output format in DataPlug?

      The application can automatically resize additional images and add suffixes to the file names to earmark them. Find out more about this in the following help topic: DataPlug - Additional Images

  • Backup DataPlug Database
    This backup allows you to retrieve the DataPlug database to install it on another computer.

  • Restore DataPlug Database
    Install your database from the previous backup.

  • Reset DataPlug Database
    This feature is useful when running tests and will reset the Image, Item, User and Order databases.

  • Check database
    Checks DataPlug database integrity against errors.

  • Check for Oxatis DataPlug updates
    Checks for any available updates to the application.

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