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The DataPlug allows you to upload contacts or modify the existing user base of your Actinic site. As with your items, your site will be updated using a csv, xls, or xlsx file.
This feature is very useful when transferring your user base from an outside site to your Actinic site or for importing a mailing list.

The DataPlug does not allow you to export contacts from your Actinic site. However, you are able to export your user base directly from your admin console in the [Marketing \ Users] menu.

 Unique Email Addresses

The system uses the email address to identify a user. Therefore, each user must have a unique email address. If an email address in the Excel file is already present in your site, the customer's information will be updated when the file is uploaded to the site. New user addresses will be added to your Actinic database.

 Preparing Your Data

You must prepare the Excel file before importing it to the DataPlug.

The easiest way to proceed is by using the Actinic example file below, where you will benefit from automated column mapping for user properties.
A spreadsheet explaining the different possible values for the fields in the Excel file is available in a tab at the bottom of the window called: User Help.

While this is recommended, the DataPlug allows you to import any Excel or CSV data file.

The different Excel file examples are available here:
Images / Items/ Users

Unzip the example file and open it in Excel. You can switch between spreadsheets using the tabs at the bottom of the window.

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You can modify the example users and/or the entire file by deleting the columns that don't interest you. Save the file using whatever name you wish. You will need to close the file to import it to the DataPlug.


Click on Import Users... (yellow arrow in the Users section). Once you have selected your Excel file, choose the Users spreadsheet.

If your file contains column headings in the first row, don't forget to check the "Use the first row as column headings" box in the application. This is applicable for the example Excel file provided by Actinic.

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In the next window, you will map your columns. This means linking the column names in your Excel file to the corresponding fields in the Actinic system. If you use the example file, the columns will be automatically mapped for you.

If you have several different Excel files, the application allows you to "Save mapping in file format" to avoid having to map your Excel files every time you import them. When using this feature, give your mapping a name and make sure you save before clicking on next to continue.


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The DataPlug will generate an error report indicating if there are any problems. If no errors are present, click on Finish. The data has been imported into the DataPlug database.


You can view your users by clicking on View Users... (magnifying glass in the Users section). This feature allows you to view the information imported for each user. You can delete a user and configure the visible columns in the window by right clicking over a user.


Click on Upload Users... (red arrow in Users section) to upload your users to your Actinic site.
Once the procedure is complete, the site is immediately updated with the uploaded data.

You've just added new users to your Actinic site!

You can download this application directly :

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