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Oxatis DataPlug allows you to export the data from your orders in csv, xls and xlsx formats.
  • You can use this export to analyze your data using Excel's sorting and filtering tools (filter by order amount, users, delivery address, postal code, etc.).
  • This file can also be used in conjunction with your accounting software or can be provided to your accountant for processing.

To begin, click on the Download button in the Order section of the DataPlug dashboard.

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Select a date range for your orders.
Attention: You can only export orders made after 15 January 2010.

If desired, you can select orders according to their payment status.

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Once the orders have been downloaded into the DataPlug, you can view them by clicking on the magnifying glass in the Order section of the DataPlug.
This window allows you to delete orders by right clicking on the unwanted order and view the details of each order by clicking on the various tabs in the right-hand side of the window.

 Retrieve Data in CSV, XLS or XLSX Format

You are now ready to export your orders. To do so, click on Export (yellow arrow) and select the desired file format.

You can download this application directly :

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