How to Add Images

Time to read: 3 minutes
Time to Do: 5 minutes
Difficulty Level: 2/5
Prerequisites: Have images optimised for the web available.

You use images to illustrate your site's pages, your product files, your menus, etc. These images are stored in your site's Image Gallery. You can upload images in JPG, GIF and PNG format. You can't store ZIP files for example.

Our Advice:
The following are general guidelines concerning images and should be adapted according to the situation.
For Product images we recommend a size of 300 to 400 pixels and a weight of 30 to 40 Ko.
For Thumbnails, we recommend 100 px and 10 Ko.
And for Zoom images, we recommend a size of 600 to 1200 px and a weight of 60 to 120 Ko.

 Adding Images
1. Go to the [Galeries \ Images] menu.

2. Click on the button.

3. Give your image a name then locate it on your hard disk by clicking on the button.

5. Choose one of the proposed formats to resize your images.
a. Main : 300 x 300 pixels, This size will be used as the "Main Image" in your product files.

b. Thumbnail : 100 x 100 pixels, This size will be used with your products' "Short Description".

c. Main and Thumbnail : the system uploads your image and converts it to both size formats: Main (300x300 px) and Thumbnail (100x100 px).

d. Original : the image is uploaded as is, without being resized.

6. Click on the button.

Warning: If the image size is unusually large (over 40 Ko), the system will warn you about effects on the display of your site. You can decide to continue after declaring you understand the consequences.

7. Then click on the button.

You'll notice that the last format you uploaded has become the default format. To change the format, just click on the link after the "Dimension" property.

8. Going Further:
If you want to upload a large number of images to the Image Gallery, you can use:
- Batch Processing
- Dataplug - Images

- More information here:
Actinic DataPlug
Batch uploading

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