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If you need to export a list of your Users on your site, this article will show you how. In the system, you can choose to download specific categories of users or the entire customer base.

Do not export your user base for use in a mass mailing program non-compliant with the Information Commissioner's Office regulations

By accepting our terms and conditions, you have agreed never to practise SPAM, and unsolicited bulk email sending is considered SPAM.
To protect all of our customers from the negative consequences of these actions, we are obliged to be very firm (site shut down) when we receive complaints or discover that a site is using this type of software.

Actinic provides a specific component for sending newsletters that complies with all ICO requirements (automatic unsubscription, personalised dispatch, etc.), which can be accessed in the [Marketing \ Newsletters] menu.

1 . Go to [Marketing > Users] Menu and click the [Export >>] button.

2 . Click the [Add] button on the next screen, read through and then accept the terms and conditions of the export by clicking [Continue >>] .

3 . From here you can edit which information you want to be exported by using the dropdown boxes as well as the Name, Language and File Format.
You might only need some of the fields to be exported, or more depending on what you want to achieve.

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4 . Once youíve picked the fields you want to export, at the bottom of the page, you can further filter out users if they belong into a category by choosing Select one or several categories in the dropdown menu.

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5 . Click [Save] .

6 . On the following screen you can see the list of users that will be in the export by clicking [View Exported Users]. If you are happy with the user list to export, click [Export >>] at the bottom.

7. Read through the information after the above stage, and click [Confirm] .

The file with the complete user list will then be available once itís ready in [Marketing > Users > [Export >>]]

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