How to Add a Product

Time to Read: 5 minutes
Time to Do: 5 minutes
Difficulty Level: 2/5
Prerequisites: Place images of your products in your Image Gallery. Prepare a full description for each product file. Create your product categories.

Your product files will help you convince your customers to place an order on your website.

Our Advice:
Whether it's in your product files or throughout your website in general, your texts are of the utmost importance, either because your customers will be pleased to get as much information as possible (which is a way to show them your competency and knowledge of the products you sell) or regarding search engin optimisation.

A frequent error is to disregard the "Short Description" field and concentrate on the detailled description. Yet, correctly completed, this field can contribute to your site's indexation. Since this short description is displayed in product and category list pages, it lets you create rich text content including many times the keywords related to your activity.

 How to Create a Product?
1.From your administration space, go to the Commerce \ Items (Products-Services) menu.

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- Click the button
- Enter your product's code (ex: here, C0001).
- Enter the item's name (ex: here, Skirt).
- Fill in the short desription of the item.
- Enter the price.
The VAT included price is automatically calculated when you enter the VAT excluded price and vice versa. If your product is liable for the Eco-Tax, enter the amount in the designated field.
- Select a VAT rate.

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2. Click on the "Stock" sub-tab.
Using the various tabs, numerous supplementary parameters are available for presenting your products: detailed description, availability display, etc.

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- Enter the quantity of the product you have available.
- Define at what quantiy you wish to be alerted about the state of the stock.

3. Now click on the “Images” tab to add illustrations of your product (main image and thumbnail).

- In the "Main Image" frame, click on
- Select one of the images in the list and confirm by clicking on

You can also add an image from your computer. For that, we invite you to consult the online help article: How to add images?

- In the "Thumbnail" frame, click on
- Select one of the images in the list and confirm by clicking on

4. Go to the "Categories" tab to assign a category to your product.
You can classify a product in 3 different categories and a brand.

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- Click on the button.
- Select the category or sub-category you wish to assign to your product and confirm by clicking on .
- Click on then on the button.

5. To preview your product in the site, click on the item's name.

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6. You can then see a preview of your product in the site.

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- For further information:

- How to Add Images
- Organize the Catalog by Categories

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