Organize the Catalog with Categories

Time to Read: 5 minutes
Time to Do: 10 minutes
Difficulty Level: 1/5
Prerequisites : Have images available in your Image Gallery. Prepare your category tree structure.

Introduction :
A well thought out catalogue, with products organized by categories or brands, helps your customers to quickly access the information they need. Once your site offers 15 or so items, it's a good idea to classify them in a tree structure of categories and sub-categories.
This categorization applies to both front and back offices. This helps you classify your items and at the same time makes your visitor's navigation easier.
 Create a Category and Sub-Category.

From your Actinic admin space, go to the [Commerce \ Categories] menu.

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1. Create a Category

- Click on the button.
  • Give your new category a name.
  • Two fields are available to describe the category:

  • - Description, visible in the Shopping Cart with all product categories (visitors don't yet see the category contents).

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    - Category Header, displayed above the product or sub category list once the user has "entered" a category.

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  • Add an image by clicking on . This will be seen together with the description. Choose your illustration in the list and click on .
  • You can also fill out the SEO properties to increase your page's chances of being correctly indexed by search engines.
  • Click on .

  • 2. Add a Sub-Category
    To add a sub-category, first click on the "Add a sub-category" Tab

    Once within a category's content, you can add a sub-category name.

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    The procedure is the same as that described in point 1.
    Repeat as often as necessary.

    3. Organizing Categories

    You can move categories and sub-categories by a drag and drop action and use the icon to delete them .


    You can create a tree structure with up to 10 levels, however if you can do without it, avoid excessive levels in a tree structure as it slows your visitors' navigation.

     Add a product to a category.

    Linking items to their respective categories is done in the properties of each product file. You can classify an item in up to three different categories.
    Click on the [Commerce \ Items (Products-Services)] menu then modify an item's properties by clicking on the icon.
    Go to the "Categories" tab to assign a category to your product.
    Click on the button. .
    Choose the category or sub-category you want to assign to your product and confirm.

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    Your item is now assigned to the chosen category.

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    - More information here:

    - How to Class categories in a defined Order
    - How to add a product

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