Create an Information Request Form

Time to Read: 5 minutes
Time to Do: 5 minutes
Difficulty Level: 1/5
Prerequisites: None

Your merchant website is a great tool for getting contact information from your customers. Here's how to quickly create an information request form.
 Create a Form

Go to the [Galleries \ WebBlocks ] menu in your Actinic back-office.

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- Click on the button.
- Select the "Create a Web Form" option.

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- Fill in the fields you want to be in your custom form.
For each line, fill in:
- A name for the field (First Name, Last Name, etc.)
- The type of information you're asking for:

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- Check the checkbox if it's a required field.
- Write an error message that will appear if the visitor has not correctly filled out the form.
- Choose the label displayed on the submission button (ex. Send).
- Click on to confirm form creation.

2. Display then shifts to show the form in a WebBlock under construction. The button shows a preview of the form.

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to shift back to the edition page, just click on the button.
Click on to confirm creating your form.
3. Go to your WebBlock's properties by clicking on the icon, then click on the "Form Properties" tab.
- Enter a thank you message which will appear once your visitors have filled out and sent the form.

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- Check the "Save the values from the form in a file" option to be able to access them at any time.
4. To preview the form you've just created in the context of your site, click on the button, then on the webblock name.

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 Add Your Form to a Menu Element

You can now add your WebBlock to a menu element by clicking on the [Site \ Menus ] menu.
- Place your pointer on an existing element in the desired menu (horizontal, vertical, footer) and click on the [...] button.
- Set the Navigation Behavior to "Display a WebBlock", choose your WebBlock and confirm.

- More information here:

- WebBlocks, Web Forms
- How to Configure Your Menus

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