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Amazon, is a website that needs no introduction.

Since 2003, Amazon allows individuals and businesses to sell items online via its "Marketplace" platform, as long as these items are referenced in the Amazon catalog.

The Actinic Marketplace Manager allows you to easily publish your items on the Amazon platform.


To sell your items in Amazon's Marketplace, you must meet the following criteria:
 EAN Code

Amazon uses the EAN code (also known as 'barcode' or ISBN) to identify products.

These EAN codes are displayed in the product pages on the Amazon website. However, in the Actinic system, they must be entered without any dashes or spaces.

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 Configuring the Amazon/Actinic Synchronization
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  • Authorize Actinic to access your seller account.
    • Select the option "I want to use an application to access my Amazon seller account with MWS"
    • Application Name: Oxatis
    • Developer Account Number: 8882-8758-3478

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  • Accept the Amazon MWS License Agreement.

  • Make note of the Merchant ID and Marketplace ID provided to you by Amazon.
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  • Go to your Actinic admin console and click on the [Commerce \ Amazon Marketplace Manager] menu.

  • Enter your Merchant ID and Marketplace ID.
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 Publishing Items

Before you start, please note that Amazon ONLY allows the sale of items that are already present in their catalog. Amazon uses the EAN code or your product title to identify the product and find it in their marketplace, and will not use your personal images or descriptions.

In the admin console, the last icon to the right of each item allows you to publish the item on Amazon.

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This interface is shared between Amazon and eBay. Therefore, make sure you select Amazon of the first page of the listing wizard.

The following page allows you to detail the properties of the item for sale. You can even search for the existing product on Amazon:

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  • SKU: Your product code in the Actinic system.
  • EAN code: The product-specific code that will allow Amazon to link your product to the one in its catalog.
    Remember: The EAN code is the same as Amazon's ISBN-13 WITHOUT the dash.
  • Specify the Quantity, Price and Condition of your item. A Comments field allows you to provide details on the item's condition (especially useful for second-hand products).
a) Search
This function detects the presence of your product on Amazon. You can then retrieve the EAN or ASN code if you don't already have that information. There are two ways to find your product on Amazon:

- Click on the button.
- Or click on the icon next to the name field, which lets you find the item on Amazon according to the name you entered.
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The publishing process begins as soon as you click on [Publish Item on Amazon].

You can monitor developments regarding the item for sale in the [Commerce \ Amazon Marketplace Manager] menu.

You do not need to re-list this item for sale on Amazon. The quantity you defined in the listing wizard will indicate whether an item is for sale or not.

Approximately 15 minutes after being sent, Amazon will let the Actinic system know if your item has been published or not.

During this time, you can still modify the item's price and the quantity for sale by clicking on the properties icon in the [Commerce \ Amazon Marketplace Manager] menu.

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At the end of this period, Amazon will indicate whether the item has been successfully published (green dot) or not (red dot).

Once you have received the confirmation (green dot), the item is for sale on Amazon. You can see your offer on Amazon by clicking on the name of the item on the same page.

If you get an error and the product is not published, you can hover over the red dot to see the details of the error. You can then delete the listing and republish the item following the above instructions.

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b) Unknown Items
These items come from orders placed on Amazon for products which were not published from the Actinic platform. Go to the Commerce / Amazon Marketplace Manager menu and click on to access these items.

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This page allows you to:
- Link to an existing item from your website: in this case you select the corresponding item.
- Add a new item to your website: this lets you create the item in your catalogue.

Once you've done this, the Amazon orders associated to these items will be automatically retrieved in your order tracking dashboard.

 Tracking Your Orders

Once an hour, Actinic retrieves the orders placed on Amazon and incorporates them into your order tracking facility.

Orders originating from Amazon are identified by the Amazon logo in the "Src" column via the [Commerce \ Order Tracking] menu.

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  • The stock level for the items in the order is automatically decreased.

  • Once the order is retrieved in your back office, you can track it and keep customers informed of its progress just like you would with an order placed on the website. Read more about order tracking.
Validation: To validate an Amazon order, you have to create an "order sent" State of Progress from your Order Tracking panel. The State of Progress report entails an order credit.

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