“My Social Store” - Facebook App Set-Up

Your site must have a domain name.
 Setting up the "My Social Store" Facebook App
"My Social Store" can be set up using the following link:

1. Click on the [Go to App] button.

2. Click on the [Allow] button.

3. Enter your site ID and password (the same information you use to log in to your website) and click on [Confirm].

4. Once your store has been added to your Facebook account, you can link it to your professional Facebook page by clicking on the [Add to Fan Page] button.

You can add the "My Social Store” app to an existing fan page or create a new one.
 Linking Your Store to the Fan Page
Once your fan page has been created (if you didn't have one), click on the "My Social Store” button.

Enter your login information to link your store to your professional fan page and click on [Confirm].

 Modifying the Name of your Store on Facebook
The “My Social Store” Facebook app has to be associated to a Facebook account AND a fan page.

By default, the name of your store is: “My Social Store”.
You can change this name by clicking on My Social Store in the left-hand column and then on “Edit Info”.

Now click on the "Apps" menu in the left-hand column.

And then on "Edit Settings” under the "My Social Store" app.

You can now customize the name of your store. Don't forget to save.

Example: The OxaShopUK Demo Store
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