Create a Home Page

Time to Read: 5 minutes
Time to Do: 5 minutes
Difficulty Level: 3/5
Prerequisites: You should have some images available in your Gallery and have already created some products and categories.

Your site's home page is like the front window of a real shop. Find out how to rapidly put together a clean and interesting home page.
 Create a home page WebBlock

In your Admin Console, open the [Galleries\WebBlocks] menu.

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  1. Select a template
    • Click the button.
    • Choose the “1 - Home Page” option.

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    • Choose one of the template home pages we offer by clicking the corresponding button.

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    • When a pop-up opens, give your new WebBlock a name and click OK. This name is internal, used only to help you organise your WebBlocks and won't be seen by visitors.

  2. Modify the WebBlock
    You then access the edition mode of your new WebBlock. Click on existing content to modify it.

    a. Images:
    • Click on an image you want to replace.
    • Browse for the new image by clicking on the button.
    • Insert one of the images in your Gallery by clicking on the button.
    • Choose the image you want to use and click .
    • Confirm by clicking

    b. Text:
    • Click on a text area to open its edition window.
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    • Change the text and .

    Several tools are available to work on rows and columns in your WebBlock:
    • adds a row or column
    • deletes a row or column
    • move a row up one space.
    • move a row down one space.
    • move a column one space to the right.
    • move a column one space to the left.
    • duplicate the current row, with its content, into the next. space

    Use the "Elements" context menu to add whatever type of content element you need (image, text, video…)

    The icon opens the "Edition" context menu with tools to cut, copy, and paste table cells as well as editing cell properties.

    Once a modification has been made, you can go back by using the button. A button will then appear in case you want to go back to the previous canceled action.

    You can have a rapid preview of your work by clicking the button. To return to edition mode just click on the button.

    When you are satidfied with your modifications, click to keep them. The icon lets you preview your WebBlock in the context of your site.

Now that your home page is created, all you need to do is let the system know that this is the first page to display to visitors.

 Set Your WebBlock as Home Page

  1. To set your brand new WebBlock as the site home page, open the [Site \ Properties by Language] menu and click .
    In the “First Page Displayed” section, click the button to change the existing navigation behaviour.
    - The type of behaviour should be “Display a WebBlock”.

    Then choose your home page WebBlock in the drop-down list that appears.

  2. If you have one or more "Home" menu elements, you'll need to modify the navigation behaviour for this or these elements. To do so, open the [Site \ Menus \ All Menus] menu. Click on the menu item you wish to modify, and you can edit the details in the “Properties” menu.
    The type of behaviour should be "Display a WebBlock" / "Your Home Page WebBlock".

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