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  What is SmartSkins?
SmartSkins is a CSS editor, included in your subscription, that lets you create and customise graphic designs, simply and easily. You can create as many site designs as you want.
When you start working on your website, you may choose a graphic theme. You can customise it using the simplified version of the Smartskins.

You can create your own design with a blank version. To do this, go to [Site \ Site Design] menu, [Add a site design] button.
If your site is already live, we recommend working on the design before publishing it.

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The current design being used will display with the blue tick icon on the ‘Default’ column in the list.

The default (live) design can be changed by selecting the tick icon on the desired design.

The SmartSkins editor is organised in sections.


This is where you can save your modifications or close without saving in case of error. You can also restore the design to it's default settings.


In the Site section, you can modify the colours and font used in your site. You can choose from several proposed colour palettes or create your own.


Here you customise your site's header. You can modify its height and apply a background image, either from the Actinic image collection or from your computer.
You can also customise the way your logo and slogan are displayed, assuming you have previously entered these elements in the [Site \ Header and Logo] menu.

4.Vertical and Horizontal Menus

This section lets you modify your horizontal and vertical menus. You can change their general structure and customise the different menu element types (texts, titles, and images).


This section is for setting the background colour of your site and adding an image if you want. The footer button lets you modify the footer layout settings.

6.Data Area

The "Data Area" section groups several site elements like the shortcut blocks, component pages, WebBlocks and the Shopping Cart.
You can change the colour of your editorial block, component page titles, etc. The "Cart" button lets you apply your own buttons (confirm order, continue shopping, etc.).

Remember to regularly save your work by clicking on the "Save" button to avoid losing work you've done.
 Changing a SmartSkins design to a CSS design.
The SmartSkins editor gives you many customisation possibilities. If however, you want to further customise your design, you'll need to work on the CSS file.

Important: modifying a CSS Site Design requires programing skills in CSS.

Once you've created your design, you can change it into a CSS design to further modify it if you need to. Converting a SmartSkins design into a CSS design is irreversible. Any subsequent modifications will have to be done from the design's CSS file.

To create a CSS design from a Smartskins design, click on the [Site \ Site Design] menu, and “View properties” icon, [Duplicate and change to CSS design] button.


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