This feature allows you to structure the layout for the blocks (search, your account, etc.) in the different pages of your site. You can create a layout for each of your components (shopping cart, blog, etc.) and WebBlocks.
For information, these blocks will not be present during checkout so as not to distract the customer.
 How it Works
Go to the [Site \ Layout] menu.

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To create a layout, click on . Enter a name and select the display language. You can select the desired component by clicking on the drop-down list.

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- The left column corresponds to the zone where the vertical menu is displayed by default.
- The right column corresponds to the zone where the shortcut and editorial blocks are displayed by default.

To define your layout, "grab" the desired elements from the list and drag them to the desired zone.

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Once the layout is complete, click on . You can view the layout you created by clicking on the button.
An extra setting is available with the search block. The system allows you to define which component to run the search in. By default, the search is run in the shopping cart component. Hover over the Search element with your mouse to configure the properties of the widget.

You can activate the the search in either the Shopping Cart (Shop) component or the Catalog (Brochure) component.

You can define different layouts for your WebBlocks. To do so, select WebBlock Publisher from the component drop-down list. You will be able to enable/disable this layout for your different WebBlocks.

To activate the desired layout for a given WebBlock, you need to modify the properties of the WebBlock.

To do so, click on the [Galleries \ WebBlocks] menu, edit the properties of your WebBlock under the Layout section. You will find all of the different layouts you have set up under the WebBlock Publisher component.

This way, you can define a different layout for each of your custom pages.

You can also apply one layout to all of your WebBlocks by choosing the component "All WebBlocks" when creating your layout template. By doing this you no longer need to set the layout manually in each WebBlock.


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