Marketing Blocks


It is essential to be able to promote featured items from your catalogue in your ecommerce site. With Marketing Blocks, you can automatically publish your best sellers, new products and recently viewed products for your visitors.

These blocks can be access through the [Site \ Marketing Blocks] menu.

 Best Sellers

You can determine the number of products to show at a time. The display is limited to 10 products.

The list can be generated automatically by the system for a given period, either in number of days or a specifically defined period (limited to 180 days).

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The system also allows you to manually select the products you want to include in the list by clicking on the button. This will activate the "Lock" column. When the "lock" is activated, the corresponding product will be displayed in it's defined position, no matter what other products are displayed.

The arrows allow you to modify the position of the different locked products. The display order for the automatically generated list is based on the latest information in the database.
 New Products

You can display up to 10 products in this zone.
The “Period” allows you to define the amount of time a product is considered new.
As with the best sellers, you can also manually select the products to display in this list by clicking on the button.

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 Recently Viewed Products

This feature is linked to a visitor's browsing on the website and will list products that were previously consulted by the visitor. The products are displayed in order from the last product visited to the first product visited.

 Publishing Marketing Blocks

You can define the display of your marketing blocks in the [Site \ Layout] menu, "Add" button.
For more details, please consult the following help topic: Layout.

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H Tags for Block Titles

You can define an HTML title tag (h tag) on the title of each block to help boost your search engine optimisation. By default, an h4 tag is applied. You can modify this tag via the "Configure widget properties" icon of each of the marketing blocks when adding one of these blocks to a layout under the [Site \ Layout] menu.


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