Text Content in your Pages

Search Engines don't interpret images, videos or Flash content. They also need a minimum of text content to be able to correctly understand the page they must analyse.

It's this text content, that you'll optimise with tags. This will form the editorial basis of your web page.

Reminder: hidden text, that is, for example, white text on a white background, is proscribed. The text content we're talking about is that which any visitor can find on your site.

It would be very difficult for a page containing only videos or images to be indexed correctly.

It goes without saying that you should have good quality texts. Even if we may mention quantity (or frequency) when talking about SEO, your text content is above all, intended for your visitors. It's therefore essential that your text be written in grammatically correct english with complete sentences, without senseless series of keywords and avoiding spelling errors if possible.

The presence of keywords in your page is very important. To have an idea of their density in a page, we recommend using Kgen, a Firefox add-on. Once installed you can use it to "scan the document" (the page displayed in Firefox) and see the keywords present and emphasised.

Keep in mind that Google understands your site contents by analysing the keywords used. The more your keywords are present, the better the analyse will be.

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