Site Monitoring

Once your site is well optimised for SEO, you should continually monitor your progress. Once you see what is working and what is not, you can further optimise your site and keep ahead of your competitors.
 Google Webmaster Tools

You can access this tool and create a Google Webmaster Tools account here:

This tool is essential for tracking your site because it allows you to submit your sitemap to Google to let them know you exist and provide a map of your site. It will allow you among other things to:
  • Know the number of internal and external links for your site.
  • Know the keyword terms most used on your site.
  • Know the keywords used to find your site.
  • Submit your Sitemap file.
  • Have information about your site’s performance.
  • Check if you have any indexing problems.
  • Check duplications for Title and Description tags.
 Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website analytics service offered by Google for free. This is the tool most used by webmasters.

It gives you valuable information on the number of visitors, keywords used and statistical graphs showing your traffic by day, month or year.

Google Analytics will allow you to measure the quality of your SEO by analysing the traffic generated by search engines and other sources to your site.

The analysis can also give you valuable information on the rate of conversion, keywords generating visits and the pages of your site which are the most popular.

In short, these are essential tools for any webmaster who is interested in organic SEO.

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