Properties by Language

This page makes it possible to manage the properties that have to be defined separately for each language set up on your site. These properties are shared by all of the WebBlocks and components of your site.
The copyright text is displayed at the bottom of all of the pages of your site. For example the Oxatis site copyright looks like this:

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 First Page Displayed

Here you will set the page that is displayed when a visitor arrives on your site. Your Oxatis site comes with a professional quality model home page that you can easily modify to suit your needs. Just go to the [Galleries \ WebBlocks] menu in your admin console and open the WebBlock called "Home" by clicking on the "Edit WebBlock" icon. Read the following help topic for more information about WebBlocks: WebBlocks.

You can also create a new WebBlock for your customised home page. Go to the [Galleries \ WebBlocks] menu in your admin console and click on the "Add" button. You can choose to start with one of several template layouts that are proposed when creating a new WebBlock, or start with a blank WebBlock to build your home page according to your needs.

If you create a new WebBlock to use as your home page, you will not only need to change the First Page Displayed settings here but also think to change the navigation behaviours in any menu elements pointing to your old home page. For more information on menu elements and navigation behaviours read these help topics: Menus - Navigation Behaviours (Hyperlinks)

You can also decide that your home page will display one of your site components (directly display your shop, for example). In general, this is not a good idea. Visitors prefer to "come in through the front door" to know where they're arriving rather than landing directly in the store!

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