How to Add a Shipping Option ?

Introduction :
Itís easy to setup Shipping Options in the Actinic Platform, they can range from simple fixed delivery costs to complex shipping calculations based on a number of scenarios.

 Procedure (Simple Fixed Shipping Charge):

1 . Go to the menu [Commerce > Shipping Options]

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2 . Then click on the button.

3 . The ďGeneral > Main " Tab allows to add a name. For example : Flat Rate Shipping.

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You can also add a short description of the service in the Description Box

4 . Go over to the Calculation Formula tab and make sure the Type of Formula is set to Fixed Price. And then insert the price for the shipping in the Base Price Ex VAT box.

5 . Then click [Save].

This Shipping option is a simple option that will shown on all orders regardless of delivery address or any other filters.

 Procedure (Based on Number of)

1 . As above, follow Steps 1, 2 and 3 .

2 . Now in the Calculation Formula tab change the Type of Formula to Proportional to the number of Items in the Order.

3 . Add the Base Price Ex VAT and the Add field. This shipping option will initially cost (Inc VAT)£1.00 and add £0.50 for every Item in the Cart.

4 . Then click [Save].

You can set up Shipping options to only be valid for certain parameters in the order by using the Validity tab. These can be:

  • Using Order Weight as a factor to filter shipping options. Note: Make sure that you have defined an itemís weight otherwise this will not work correctly

  • Using the Geographic location of the customer to filter options, this is useful if you want to define domestic and international shipping options.

  • Period can also be used if a shipping option is valid between certain dates.

  • It is also possible to have the shipping option used/not used if there are certain Items in the cart

  • It can be definable by if a User is in a certain category

  • Interface Type allows the shipping option to be available on certain platforms: Web, Mobile and MOTO.


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