About Sage Pay
SagePay processes millions of secure payments each month for over 30,000 businesses. Their customers range from startups through to major online, consumer and business brands. Payment services range from the very simple to the most sophisticated tailored solutions.

Sage Pay's Merchant Services are ideal if you want to:
  • accept credit and debit card payments on your website, by phone/mail order or by a combination of both,
  • increase the number of ways for your customers to pay you,
  • avoid account set-up fees that some other providers charge,
  • have the flexibility of no long term contracts.
For more information about SagePay:
 SagePay Go
Sage Pay Go is the complete payment service that is simple to manage and easy to integrate, with free 24/7 support, fraud prevention tools, and more included at no extra cost.

How much does it cost?
The transactions you process
per quarter
What you pay
Up to 1000 transactions per quarter Just £20 per month
More than 1000 transactions per quarter Each transaction costs 10p
- we always charge a minimum of £20 per month

 Open a SagePay Account
To accept card payments you'll need a merchant bank account — this is not the same as your business bank account.
If you already have a Merchant Number (Internet Merchant Account), Sage Pay is an approved payment service provider for the majority of UK banks.

Otherwise you can apply for our Merchant Services at the same time as our payment gateway. We've simplified the application process so that you can apply for a merchant account at the same time as our payment gateway.

Simply complete the online application form and you’ll be guided through each step.

When your account is approved and you receive your account information & test access codes, go to your Actinic admin console, add the SagePay payment method and order SagePay installation.

An  Actinic Online technician will take charge of your order and follow the installation process. He will contact you through technical support. Give him your test account access codes.
  • Vendor Name :
  • Username  :
  • Password :
After reception of these elements, our technical team will configure your SagePay account and will conduct all necessary tests before going live.
 Going Live
If preparatory tests are successful, you can then ask your bank to go live with the secure payment. For this, contact  SagePay technical support. Once your SagePay account is live, contact Actinic Online Technical support and give them your live account access codes.
  • Vendor Name :
  • Username  :
  • Password :
 Going Online
Once your live account is confirmed , a £1.00 test transaction of the live account is conducted.

If this test is successful, Actinic technical support will inform you that you can now enable the payment method on your site.
Go to the [Commerce \ Payment Methods] menu, and select SagePay.

SagePay is now available to your customers. You can enable or disable it at any time.

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