Creating a Newsletter


Actinic offers a tool for sending newsletters compliant with the Information Commissioner's Office regulations. This feature lets you send newsletters to your Actinic user base.

By including Emailvision, worlwide leader in email marketing, Actinic now provides a simple yet powerful tool for managing your email campaigns.

Emailvision gives you unbeatable deliverability and advanced statistics.

Emailvision has been working with e-commerce companies from its creation, so has a great understanding of the sector and its requirements. It's powerful reporting capabilities allow users to get a detailed understanding of campaign performance.
 How It Works

In your admin console, go to the [Marketing \ Newsletters \ Newsletters] menu, and click on the button.

Fill in the information needed to dispatch your newsletter.

  • Mailbox Name: The mailbox name is associated with the dispatch of the message and it facilitates the identification of the sender.

  • From: This is the dispatch email for this newsletter. The execution report of the dispatch procedure will also be sent to this email address.
  • Date Sent: This field lets you set the date you want your newsletter to be sent. If it's today's date you MUST fill in the dispatch time.

  • Subject: Enter the subject of the newsletter. This field is limited to 50 characters, so keep your title concise and catchy.

  • Body: You can enter the text of your newsletter in the rich text editor, use a WebBlock or write it in HTML.
 Selection Criteria

Under the Additional tab, You can define the criteria used to select your addressees.

This can be according to language, user category (customers, prospects, visitors…) or country.

"Advanced Filters" lets you select users according to the orders that they've placed on your site during a given period.

Once you've completed these steps, follow the dispatch procedure to send the newsletter.

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