Referral Scheme

  What's a Referral Scheme?

One of the best and least expensive ways to market your business is to have other people do it for you. We all value the opinions of our friends, so offer your customers an incentive to promote you and your products to people they know.

A referral scheme is a viral system aimed at capturing new customers at a minimal cost while reinforcing current customer relationships.

Get satisfied customers to spread the word. Encourage them to refer their friends and reward them with special discounts!

The "Referral Scheme" feature is included in your Actinic subscription at no extra cost.
 How Does it Work?

Open the [Marketing \ Referral Scheme] menu and click the button.

  1. General Properties

    • From this page you can enable the feature on your site.

    • You can define rewards for referring customers and referred friends as either percentages or flat amount discounts.

      a) Customer: you can define a minimum order amount, not including shipping, that the customer must attain before using a referral reward, as well as a maximum number of refferal discounts the customer can use in a single order

      b) Friend: you can also define a minimum order amount the friend must attain before using their referral reward.

  2. Messages

    • Message for Customers: Tell your customers how the referral scheme works. This text is displayed in their user account on the referral scheme page from which they can invite their friends to participate.

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    • Referral Invite Email: Here you can personalise the invitation message sent by your customers to their friends. To be sure the message will be read by all email clients and webmail services, only simple text is permitted (no HTML/CSS code).

    • Reward Email: This message will be sent to the referring customer when one of his referred friends has placed an order with your site.

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      The "Additional" tab lets you translate the various messages for the different languages your site is in.

      You can also create a custom email template from the [Site\Email Customisation] menu.

  3. Activate the Feature on Your Public Site

    Once these settings have been made, you'll need to create a menu element pointing to the referral scheme page. To do so, open the [Site \ Menus \ All Menus] menu and add a menu element with the following navigation behaviour:

    Type of Behaviour: Display one of the site components
    Component: Referral Scheme

    A model WebBlock is available in your gallery. Open the [Galleries \ WebBlocks] menu, click the button and choose the template in the Referral Scheme category. This WebBlock is customisable and will help you present the conditions of the referral scheme on your site.

    After enabling the referral scheme, we suggest sending a newsletter to tell your customer database all about it.
 Refer a Friend

Once signed-in, a customer can accès the Referral Scheme page where they can enter the details of the friends they want to invite.

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All that's needed is a friend's first name, last name and email address. The referring customer can complete or modify the email message sent to their friends.
Note: Someone who is already a site customer cannot be referred.
Once the referred friends' details are entered, each one receives an email with a link to your site inviting them to take advantage of the offer.

The referring customer will be notified when his referred friend places an order with your site. They can also monitor the progress of their invitations on the Referral Scheme page under the "My Referrals" tab.

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This tab displays each referred friend's details as well as the date they registered on your site and placed an order.

IMPORTANT : referrals will not be added to your customer database until a valid purchase has been made on your site.

The referring customer will accumulate reductions they earn from each referred friend ordering on your site.
Example: The referring customer gets a 15% discount per referral. If the customer invites 2 people and both order on your site, the referring customer will receive a 30% (2 X 15%) discount.
A discount coupon code will be automatically generated with the next order. If the customer doesn't want to use his discount immediately, he can delete this code to keep the discount for later. A new discount coupon code will be generated on the following order.

The referring customer can also monitor and remind their invited friends, who've not yet responded to the invitation, from the "Pending Invitations" tab.

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You too can monitor your customers referrals from your Admin Console by opening the [Marketing\Users] menu under the “Referrals” tab in the concerned customer's properties page.

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 Customer Relations Management

As an Actinic Customer, you can view the list of referrals a customer has made by going to [Marketing \ Users] , viewing a customer’s properties and clicking on the [Referrals] tab.

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Order Tracking
You can filter orders to view those with discounts related to the referral scheme. Open the [Commerce \ Order Tracking] menu, click on and browse the "Discount" filters.

Notification emails related to the referral scheme can be customised with the [Site \ Email Customisation] menu.


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