Loyalty Program

 What's a Loyalty Program?

The Loyalty Program lets you reward your customers with points when they place an order which can be redeemed for discounts on future orders.

When implementing a loyalty program, you need to clearly consider all the components:
  • The starting point has to be research and establish what you want to achieve. Are you trying to acquire new, retain current, or reward your best customers?
  • A loyalty program should not cost more than between 0.5-2% of your marketing budget to run. Spend more on your best customers and set up the loyalty program so unprofitable customers are not eligible for rewards.
  • Be upfront about why you are running the program and be consistent with the offer so customers understand what they will be rewarded.
  • Prepare a calendar of events and timetable to successfully complete the plan.
Loyalty programs arenít for everyone. If your business offers consistently low prices and great service, a loyalty program may not be necessary. It's a long-term commitment and is likely to be at least 18 months before you start to see a return on a loyalty program.

The Actinic Loyalty Program feature is included in your subscription at no extra cost.

 How does it Work?

You can activate this feature from the [Marketing \ Loyalty Program] menu.

  1. Rules for awarding points

    This section lets you define how points will be earned by your customers when ordering on your site.

    • By Spend
      This rule allows your customers to earn points based on the order amount. Example: If 5 points are earned for every £10 spent, a customer will earn 15 points for an order of £34 (3x5 points, as there is 3x10 in £34). The customer will not earn any points for the extra £4. This rule also allows you to indirectly define the minimum amount that needs to be spent to earn points. If desired, you can leave these fields blank and no points will be calculated based on the order amount.

    • By Order
      This rule allows you to award points for each order and can be used in combination with the rule above.

    • Validity Period
      You can define a time period during which a customer's points are valid. For example, you may decide that points need to be used within X months following the last order. After this period, the customer will lose any points they accumulated.

    • Using and earning rewards at the same time?
      You can also define whether or not to award points for orders that are purchased using a reward from the loyalty program.

  2. Reward

    This section lets you define the method for converting points into a discount. Accumulated points can be redeemed for a shopping cart discount.

    • Minimum Threshold: the number of points necessary to redeem a discount. If you enter 50 points, a customer who has reached this threshold can trade points in for a discount when they place their next order.

    • Discount: Select the type of discount you want to use to reward your customers. The "Percent of accumulated purchases" refers to the amount spent by the customer since the loyalty program was activated.

      • Fixed amount: a set discount..
      • Percentage: set a percentage discount
      • Percent of accumulated purchases: This refers to the amount of purchases accumulated by the customer since the beginning of the loyalty program on your site and not since his very first purchase which could be earlier.
      • Every X points is redeemable for a discount of £XX: This reward is given for each threshold of XXX accumulated points.

        Example: According to the above rule, if a customer has 215 points and places an order for £40, he'll get a discount of £20. (215 points divided by 20 points is 10 with 15 left over. So the customer gets a discount of 10 x £2 = £20 with 15 points left over.)

  3. Description
    You can enter a short description of your loyalty program which will display above your shopping cart. We recommend no more than 3 lines of text and to include a link to a WebBlock where you can explain the terms and conditions of your loyalty program.

    A Loyalty Program template WebBlock is available in the [Galleries \ WebBlocks] menu which you can edit and personalise.

    The "Additional" tab lets you translate the description to other languages used on your site.

  4. Restriction by user category
    The system lets you specify whether the loyalty program is limited to a certain category of users. If you apply the program to all your users, no category should be selected.

 Present the program on your site.

We suggest sending a newsletter to your customers to inform them of your loyalty program. You'll find newsletter templates in your WebBlock gallery (in the [Galleries \ WebBlocks] menu).

When a customer orders on your site, the description message is displayed on the shopping cart page.

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Once the order is validated and payment is confirmed, the customer is awarded the number of points you have defined in the loyalty program configuration.
To use their accumulated points they simply need to check the "Use your advantage points" box on their next order.

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The customer can also view their accumulated points in the "Your Account" component.

 Customer Relations Management

You can monitor the points customers have been awarded under the "Billing and Discounts" tab in the customer's user file.

Note: You can also manually award points to an individual customer directly in their user account file. Only the number of points can be modified.

In Order Tracking you can set a filter to list orders which have benefited from a loyalty discount. Open the [Commerce \ Order Tracking] menu and click the button .


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