SMS Marketing

This feature lets you easily manage your SMS marketing campaigns right from your Actinic back office. The system for sending your SMS campaigns is the same as Newsletters.

The SMS marketing system allows you to:

- Develop a multi-channel strategy,
- Keep in touch with your customers
- Drive customers to your Mobile Store


- Purchase a prepaid SMS package from Actinic for credits to send your SMS marketing campaigns.


You can order credits right from your admin console under the following menu:
[Account \ A La Carte Services], “Prepaid” tab

Package pricing for SMS messages sent to the UK or Europe:


Pack price Ex VAT

Price per SMS

250 SMS



500 SMS



1000 SMS



2000 SMS



5000 SMS



10000 SMS






- Introduce your website
- Write a short, catchy text message,
- Include a link to your website
- We recommend you restrict using this method of communication to avoid annoying customers with too many SMS messages.

You can also include an opt-out option for your customers.

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