Creating an SMS Campaign

 Getting Started
Go to the [Marketing \ SMS Marketing] menu, and click on the button. Fill in the necessary information to send your SMS campaign.

Campaign: This name is used to manage your campaigns. This name is for internal use only and will never be seen by your customers.

Send On: This field lets you set the date and time you want your SMS campaign to be sent. If you want to send the campaign the same day, you MUST specify a time.

Message: Enter the text for your message. You can enter up to 160 characters maximum. You will see a preview of what the message will look like on a mobile.

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We recommend only moderate use of this method of communication so your customers do not receive too many SMS messages.
You can include an opt-out option for your customers at the end of your message. We recommend including the following: Your email address with the text: “To opt out, send STOP”. This way, you can remove these customers from your SMS distribution list.

Short URL: This feature lets you add a link to your website in the message. To do so, click on the button.
First, you need to enter the original URL for the page you want to send the customer to, then click on “Generate”.

The system will automatically create a short URL that you can use in the message:

You can check the link by clicking on “Click to Test”.

Click on “Add” to insert the short URL in the message.

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Note: URL rewriting is not recognised by the SMS system. Therefore, you will need to use the Absolute link of the associated page.

More Details: Navigation Behaviours - Hyperlinks
 Dispatch Filters

The “Additional” tab lets you define different criteria to select who will receive the message.

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You can choose who to send the SMS campaignby the user's language, user categories (customers, prospects, resellers, etc.), country, or where they came from (i.e. the source if you use your micro-survey).

In the "Advanced Filters" tab, you can also filter by order criteria (users who have already purchased a specific product, all users who have never placed an order, etc.)

Once you have chosen your desired filters, click on “Save” to move on to the dispatch of your SMS campaign.

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