What is microdata?
Microdata is a concept used in web pages to describe specific types of information, such as a product title, a price, the url of an image, etc. This type of tagging helps provide detailed information about the products in your site. It is used by Google to display more meaningful information, or rich snippets, (price, availability, etc.) in their search results pages.
 How do you set up microdata on your site?
On the Actinic platform, microdata is automatically integrated into your product pages. This means that you don't have to do anything.
Our system automatically tags the following fields at the category level:
- Product names
- URLs of the product pages
- Product prices
- Availability
- Image URLs
At the item level, the system is going to dynamically tag the following fields:
- Product name
- Product price
- Product availability (whether it is in stock or not)
- Image URL
- An excerpt of the product detailed description
Example product with Actinic:
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Google indexing with microdata:
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