MOTO customer tracking


You can check the order details by clicking on the menu [Commerce \ Order Tracking]. Orders that have been generated by the MOTO function are indicated by the following icon: .

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 Orders from a specific customer

It is also possible to display the orders from a specific customer using your MOTO console by clicking on the menu [Commerce \ MOTO (Mail order/Telephone Order)].
The button allows you to display a list of the customer’s orders from the last 24 months.

You can reload an existing order by clicking on the icon .

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 Customer profile

You can access the customer profile by clicking on .

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This will open a new window which shows the additional customer information and statistics.

The tab “Statistics” shows the orders from the last 24 months. You can tick a box in the section “Payment status” allowing you to display the corresponding statistics.

The tab “Additional information” allows you to display the total number of loyalty points awarded to the customer. You may manually modify the number of points.
It is also possible to subscribe or unsubscribe the customer from the Newsletter or the SMS Marketing.

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It is important to click on the "update" button to save modifications.
 Payment interface

After choosing a payment method, the order confirmation page will appear in a new tab.

When you return to the MOTO page, a popup appears which shows the order has been saved.

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You will then have the option to create a new customer, new order or to go back to the previous order.

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