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It is very simple to customize the layout of the mobile version by the mobile SmartSkin. This allows you to have the same quality of a classic web site design!
The SmartSkins is a CSS editor included in your subscription. It allow you to create and customize the graphics quickly and easily. You can create as many designs you want.

 Design Activation

Customization of mobile is avaible by the menu [Site \ Mobile version], vertical menu "Site Design" button "Add a site design."

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Select the Mobile SmartSkin then Save.

You can now customize the SmartSkin by the icon (Customize SmartSkins design).

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We propose different design solutions ready for use. Each design is different from the others, featuring different colors for icons, font and Style of the texts and buttons.
Whatever is the design choosed, you can always edit any item later, in a completely independent way. The window on the right provides to show a preview of the design. You can also browse the site directly from the preview to see the modifications page by page.
The SmartSkin gives you three views: Mobile, tablet (portrait orientation) or tablet (landscape orientation).

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 Design Customization

To go further, you can now customize the elements by using the horizontal menu "Setup."

  • Colors Menu

    This menu allows you to apply the same color codes present for the colors of the website. The elements that will be changed are described in the subtitle of each main element.

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    Depending on the choice made in the "Colour Set", the colors of the "Specific Colours" area, will be dynamically modified. However, working on the others areas, the colors defined in the "Colour Set" menu will not change. For example, the main color is blue, but the haeder is changed to red.

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  • Fonts menu

    This menu allows you to choose a different font for titles and lyrics, and formatting these elements(bold, normal) as well as the icon's style.

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  • Menu Items

    The Items menu allows you to customize the header of the site in order of transparency and edges. The shopping cart icon can also be selected, depending on the activity of the site: basket, cart or bag. Finally, the buttons can be rounded using the dedicated cursor.

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  • Do not forget to save your changes from the "Save" button.

 Test et design changing

Clicking on the "Quit" button, the system displays a list of different designs added. The vertical menu "Preview" show you a preview of the design selected.

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You can create a new design by the button "Add a Site Design."
The presentation applied to the site can be located and activated by the blue icon appears in the "Default" column. You can easily change the presentation by simply clicking on the visible check button for each slide shows line.

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