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Actinic Online Mobile Store provides five pages with customisable content.
You can customise a "Home" and 4 blank pages. These pages are available at the footer (Ex: About us, Contacts, etc..) :

Please go the the [ Site \ Mobile Site Version ], button [Modify] to edit these pages.

If you don't want to use all pages avaiables, you can let the section "Title" vacant.

Here are some html tags you can use easily :

Insert an image :
<img src="your-image-URL" />

Make text bold tag<B>:
Tag "Bold"
<B> My bold text</B> ...... affiche show my text in bold

Put text in italics tag <I> :
<I> My italics</I> ...... affiche My italics

Highlight the text tag <U> :
<U> My underlined text</U> ...... affiche displays my text underlined

Combine fat, italic and underline :
<B><I><U>My text bold, italic, underline</U></I></B> ...... affiche show my text in bold, italic, underlined

Forced line break :
Tag "Break "
<BR> Forced to the next line passing
Note that you can use several in a row to force the jump several lines.

Choose font, tag<FONT> :
tag" Font"

Work on font size (SIZE)
<font SIZE="6">t text size 6</font> ...... displays textdisplays text size 6
Force the text size 6. The values ​​are generally from 1 to 6.

<font SIZE="+2">texte</font> ...... displays texttext
Force text size larger than the two current value units. This syntax is very useful because it adapts the preset by the system size.

Work on font color (COLOR)
<font COLOR="RED">texte</font> ...... text displaystext
The color of the police force red.

Work on the part of the police (FACE)
<font FACE="Times New Roman">texte en Times New Roman</font> ...... displays text en Times New Roman
Force police "Times New Roman"

Create bulleted lists :
Tag <UL> and <LI> : ("Unordered List" and "List Item")
You can also make lists with bullets.
Start by<UL>to open the list, then a series of <LI>value 1</LI><LI>value 2</LI> as to precede a chip, then a </UL>to close list. This gives:
For example <ul><li>value 1</li><li>value 2</li></ul> will be displayed :
  • value 1
  • value 2

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