Mobile Assistant - Monitoring and Statistics

The Mobile Assistant application, , disponible sur available on iPad and available on iPad and iPhone consists of four menus: Account, Statistics, News and About. View and analyse in a glance the sales from your Actinic site.

With the Mobile Assistant, you can:

Track your orders:
  • Gain access to a comprehensive view of your sales for a given period.
  • Set your display preferences according to your needs.
  • Gain access to your administration page or to your public site.
Analyse your business:
  • Review the progress of your business: turnover and average orders.
  • View graphical analysis for a selected period (day, month, year).
  • View orders by payment method.
  • View orders by state of payment.
Stay in contact:
  • Do not lose any sales and contact your customers directly and quickly.
  • Stay up to date with Actinic thanks to RSS feeds and Twitter.

 View orders in real time
  • Ability to view the orders tracking.
  • Ability to view an order properties (items, users).
  • Ability to select a state of progress, edit a comment and apply it on an order with the same management as the administration ( Notification to customers by email, invoice creation, update the order and publish it for the customer). This function is adheres to the access rights management.
  • Invoice overview when it is generated.
  • Tracking overview for shipping options.
  • Indication of the campaign name.
  • Display a colour coded state of progress in the order list.



  • You can create a user account from an order that you see in your phone repertory.
 Follow the statistics of your site in real time

By clicking on the Statistics menu, the Mobile Assistant allows you to track:
  • Monthly Sales
  • Weekly Sales
  • Year by year comparison
  • Turnover by source
  • Turnover by campaign
  • Sales by payment method
  • Sales by order state of progress
  • Turnover by day
  • Turnover by campaign
  • Turnover by country


 Follow news from Actinic in real time

With the Mobile Assistant, you can follow news from Actinic on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Youtube
  • RSS feed
  • Google +

More informations: Mobile Assistant - Presentation and activation

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