The new Actinic dashboard allows you to set a custom display using several dynamic modules.

You can track the order status, view sales reports, daily visits and more, all through the initial dashboard screen in the backoffice.

Here is a preview of the new dashboard, it is composed of four areas.

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If you create several access rights profiles to your site, it is possible to set up a different dashboard for each profile.
 Setting modules

You have a button to select a dropdown list with modules for the four available areas.

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 Overview of modules

  • My Shortcuts

  • This section allows you to add quick access buttons to the various components of your site.
    You can add additional buttons to the module by clicking on the last "Add" icon.

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    The "Drag / Drop" function enables the various icons.

    Saving changes is instantaneous.

    Deleting a shortcut is done by clicking on the icon .

  • News

  • This module displays the latest Actinic news and newsletters.
    You can access the contents of these updates by clicking on the title.

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    Actinic newsletters are directly displayed when you login to your back office. It is possible to switch on the dashboard directly from the view of the newsletter.

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  • Bring your site to life

  • This module allows you to know the steps you have taken in the progress of getting your site to a complete live state.

    The steps you make are automatically selected, you can also select one manually.

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    You can also access the online help associated with the component by clicking on the icon ?:

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  • Orders Tracking

  • This module provides a summary of your last orders with the most important columns.
    Invoices are directly available by clicking on the order number.

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    On the customer column, while hovering over the row, you have a button that allows you to access the properties of your order.

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  • Visits / Pages views

  • This module displays a graph of visits and page views per day over 30 days in order to follow the site traffic.

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  • New Users

  • This module allows to know the latest & new registered users on your site as well as their source.
    You can access them directly by clicking on the name.

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    By clicking on the icon, you will access to the content of the relevant heading.

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  • Sales (ex.VAT) and order count

  • This module allows you to display a graph of your sales (Ex. VAT) and the number of orders over a 30 days period.

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  • To-Do List

  • In your back office, you can restrict the visibility of an element and insert a comment.

    Example :
    Hide - Wait before publishing - Description missing
    This module displays the elements in the form of to-do list.

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    By clicking on one of these components, you will get the details of actions to do.

    Example for Guest Book:

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  • Tools for your success

  • This module shows the various tools at your disposal to use as a development of your site.
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