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With Actinic, you can propose a quote request for your ecommerce site.
This is easy to do, your customers select the goods they want to buy and click on “Quote Request”. In the backoffice, you will receive the request in your order tracking and you can easily send back a personalised proposition to your customers with a link “Deferred payment by email” from the MOTO interface.

The activation of this service is available from the following menu: [Commerce \ Payment methods], button “Add a payment method”. Then you can add “Ask for a quote” as a payment method.

You can edit the payment’ informations by clicking on the “Edit properties” icon.

Once added, a button is published in the shopping cart’s pages of your site.

We also recommend you activate the following payment method as well : “Deferred payment by email”. This is added on the payment method page during the order process. It allows your customer to have a permanent link to pay for the order later.

Setting: ”Deferred payment by email”

You can edit this payment method by using the following icon . Note to publish this payment method for the MOTO interface. This option will be useful during the tracking for quotes.

The access technical information icon allows you to define the validity of the payment link.

The validity must be in days.

 Customisation of emails quote request

You can customize the request quote notifications. This is available from the menu: [Site \ Email customisation]. Add and then select the type: “Quote request”.

You can customise the header and the footer.

Once finished, we advise you to test to request for a quote on your site to see how it works.
More details : Email customisation

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