Tracking quote requests

 Quote Request view

The quote request is automatically saved into your order tracking. You can access this by clicking on the menu [Commerce \ Order tracking].

The new order line will not have any payment state because it is a quote. There is no access to states of progress for quotes (missing manage states of progress this icon ).

You can see the request details by clicking on “View properties”. You can see the request details by clicking on “View properties”.

Deferred payment by email

A deferred payment order is introduced as a Contacting Payment Processor.
The payment will be confirmed when you validate the payment.

Click on the payment logo to have access into the notification email setting page.

This page allows you to customise the message that you will send to the customer. You can set the payment date expiration.
 Quote validation by MOTO

The quote request can be loaded from the MOTO interface for validating the payment.
A [Reload] button is proposed from the quote properties.

Rendez-vous into the menu [Commerce \ MOTO (Mail Order / Telephone Order)]. Then look for the concerned customers and click on the [Order] button for loading the quotes request.

From the interface, select the shipping options and then the payment method.

The deferred payment by email allows you to send to the customer a link into to the online payment page.
More details: Mail Order Telephone Order (MOTO)

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